Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life and Whatnot.

Having twins. That is the easy part. Trying to do anything else, that is the hard part. Anytime I manage to do anything other than care for the twins and write a post, I am ecstatic.

This weekend, I was in ecstasy.

I managed to do housecleaning on Friday. And attend a ball game. I slept several hours.

Saturday I woke up early, took the twins for a walk with my siblings and nephew and went to Panera for breakfast. Then I went to Sam's, Target, Kohl's back to Target, Goody's and the grocery store. I was in desperate need of Groceries and on a wild goose hunt to find my sister a birthday gift, a particularly cute frame for which I cannot remember where I first saw it and have since to find it.

I then went home, ate unhealthily for lunch and unpacked the car. We straightened the house, the main floor had so much clutter I contemplated going back to Sam's and purchasing an 'OPEN' sign and opening shop. I decided instead to move the mass amount of clutter to my bedroom and shut the door. I waited all afternoon for our guests to arrive promptly at 'noonish' as per their email. At 4p.m. they called and said they were running a little late. I love how people can be so thoughtful. But anyways, I made potato salad and waited.

In the evening we went to my sister's where we celebrated her birthday (presentless I am afraid) and my brother called to tell me that he and Lucy's plans for prom had been slightly delayed (fortnately they were able to show up very fashionably, yet late). Our friends, Fawn and Jason, whom were staying the weekend at our house with their boys MJ, Doc and Mr. T. finally showed up at about 7:30, about the time we had to leave to get our children home and in bed. My sister's friend from high school was in town to see my sister and she had made her a birthday cake. Turns out, I don't really care much for Milk cake.

We came home and put the twins down and went back downstairs to wait for the family to show up. We made deviled eggs (how does anyone accomplish peeling a hard boiled egg successfully I would love to know). We made brownies for a chocolate trifle and brownies with marshmallows. At around 11 p.m. their family showed up. We showed them were they would be staying and talked for a while. At 1 a.m. Ward and I decided to have a banana bread cookoff. We would make banana bread using whatever ingredients we had and see whose tasted better. I used bananas and heavy whipping cream and vanilla and pecans along withother normal ingredients and he used cinnamon and walnuts and chocolate chips and brown sugar and well we cooked them and tasted them and you know what? It turns out you can put just about anything you want into banana bread, it tastes the same. The chocolate chips were truly the only noticably difference. We stayed up baking and talking with Jason and Fawn until 3:30.

At 3:40 Coop woke up hungry. At 6:30 Coop woke up hungry. At 7 Bailey woke up hungry.

We didn't sleep much. By 8 am Sunday Ward was out mowing the grass. At 10 when Jason and Fawn came up they made fun of us for being up so early, as if we had a choice. They have a baby, Mr. T, who was born February 2nd and I don't know how they got anymore sleep than we did, except I guess we have two.

Sunday morning we made a trifle, baked beans, mac and cheese, and pound cake. At 2 p.m. we had a cookout, for which almost everyone invited came and came on time. I was running the taddest bit behind. Showers always seem last minute and extremely rushed for me. I had a great time at the cookout, as I hope all who attended did. I love having all of the kids here and there were so many babies here as well. Our neighbor brought one of those blow up bouncy things and the kids had a great time.

Most people left pretty early, by 8 or so and we cleaned up. Then we sat around reading Robert Munsch books and talking about children. At 1 am I excused myself and went to bed, I don't know how some people can stay up all night and function well the next day.

Monday our guests stayed until 3 pm and then in the afternoon I had my family over for a 'leftovers cookout' for which I made more beans and mac and cheese and now I have more food than I did before the 'leftovers cookout'. The babies went to bed rather early, out by 7 p.m. so Ward and I went out and cleaned our garage up, entirely. Folks, I am proud to say that our garage, for the first time in over a year, has two cars parked in it again. Those of you here for the cookouts this weekend probably wouldn't even recognize it. You would walk in and think you had entered someone elses house, except for the dogs barking at you.

We then watched a movie and wrote a review.

This morning I have moved a treadmill, but not walked on one. I have recleaned almost everything cleaned on Friday and feel that with a little bit of pressure I can get almost anything done.

The twins had a pretty good weekend, someone was holding them constantly (our friends like babies way more than my extended family does). They have been a little unhappy this morning that I can't hold them both all morning. They are napping and where as I should be folding and sorting back up laundry, I came to journalize the weekend and explain to you that I had a very busy weekend but nothing really happened.

Wow, you must be thinking, all this to tell us nothing really happened.

I know, I know.

Today I begin packing for our upcoming busy weekend.


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