Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did Trolls Do This?

When Ward and I were first married we lived in a townhouse in the city. The backyard was the cities largest park. We walked there, we drank illegally there, we almost got arrested there, we played paintball there. When I got my Nikon N60, it was there that I took my first photos with it (of this very bridge). When we moved into our first house and got Max and Jake we took them walking there. My sister and I used to go bike riding there. It holds a lot of memories for me. Some positive, some not so.

But two years ago we moved into the county and we are a good trek from that old park. We would occasionally go there to play tennis (not very well) or to play Frisbee Golf (no not really, though it is a very popular sport there). When we had Cooper and Bailey I was excited about taking them to the park for walks, to play chase, to play ball, to climb on the new rock wall. So we have gone to the park a few times since their birth.

On our first trip I noticed something really sad.

This beautiful bridge in the cities 'nicest' park,

is rotting away.

I mean you can feel how rotten it is when you walk across it and you can even see through the wood floor joists. That to me, doesn't seem like a good thing.
I can just imagine someone making a false move and the bridge collapsing. That does occasionally happen you know.
I am saddened by the fact that our cities finest park is deteriorating and no one seems to care. Not the Frisbee Golf players, not the other parents, not the cities Parks and Recreation division, not the Tennis players. I wonder what will be the state of this park when our kids are finally old enough to use the rock climbing wall and did trolls do this?


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