Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Heart They Might Be Giants, Part 1, Vol. 1

Since I was very little I have loved these two Johns and even though I haven't been in love with their most recent albums these guys still hold a place in my heart. I was going to post some of my all time favorite cuts but there were truly just to many so I decided to part one this post and post my 2 of my favorite songs from their 1986 album, They Might Be Giants. If you aren't interested, I understand. You can skip this post entirely.

These guys are totally underrated in my opinion. There songs are brilliant and because they are a little goofy I feel they have been overlooked forever. Though they usually have other musicians with them on tour it is mostly just two guys, John Linnell and John Flansburgh, who call themselves They Might Be Giants (us fans, we refer to them as TMBG) after a 1971 movie about a millionaire widower that thinks he is Sherlock Holmes (look for the review sometime in the future on Cinemaphiles at Work!). They have been together since 1982, but they have just never really been huge, despite their name. They wrote the theme song for Malcolm in the Middle and some cartoons, they record a lot of children's music and they are the only band (with the exception of Carbon Leaf and the Dave Mathews Band who are from this area) who have ever played in our fine city. I saw them for the first time when I was 11 (at Randolph College, before that Tom Petty show I mentioned yesterday). I have seen them 4 times live and they are just so much fun to watch and listen to. They have silly puppets and other things that just sound silly if you aren't there watching it.

The fans have put alot of this stuff on you tube, I thank them for that. They aren't the best videos but they are out there.

I realized today that I am not and have never been cool. I am a geek. And I am completely contented with that knowledge.


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