Thursday, May 8, 2008

Her Name Is BAILEY











And her results were Normal!



wesley's mom said...

Have you ever considered Baylee?

How about Coupher?

Sorry! Our poor son has been called Edgar so many times. Not just by my Granny either (she calls him Ed).

Ward and June said...

That was totally on my list of NOT THE WAY WE CHOSE TO SPELL HER NAME and I just accidentally left it off. I thought that we were spelling it the 'normal' way and I now realize that I have signed her up for a lifetime of spelling her name to everyone.

We should have gone with Veronica and Elvis like Ward wanted, maybe the next set of twins.

Granny calls him Ed? She is so funny whether or not she means to be.


wesley's mom said...

I don't think it matters what your name is people are just weird.

I get called Susan all of the time, everyone just assumes that's really my name, cause what kind of lameo would be just called Sue?

James said...

I have the opposite problem, Sue, which clearly proves that people just like being obnoxious.

I get called Jim all of the time, everyone just assumes that's what I'm called, cause what kind of pompous ass would go by their given name?

Actual introduction:
"Hi, I'm James."
"Nice to meet you, Jim."

James said...

By the way, no name is safe. Relatives spell Jameson as Jamison. The gymnastics center has him listed as Jamson.

I can't imagine what's in store for poor Amelia.

Truman can't be butchered can it? Trueman? Trumon? Trumen? Troomun?!?!