Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Simple: I love to Complain

There are things I love, many many things, but with these things come many things I rather dislike. Let's take a look at this time of year.

I love spring and summer but I am not Shirley Manson and the rain makes me unhappy and grumpy. I love the sun, I am happy when it shines.

I love cookouts. I love making food and having people over and then sitting on the deck socializing and over filling myself. But I rather dislike the flys that seem to have flown in over the weekend and are taking up shop. I have always disliked flys but now that we have children I am even more annoyed and I can't really even explain it. I love to make foods for cookouts but I have never been a big fan of leftovers and the ten pounds of potato salad on the top shelf taunts me every time I open our fridge.

I love fruit, especially bananas, strawberries and grapes. But I hate that as soon as I get home with a pint of strawberries and get ready to rinse them, they have mold on them. The grocery store should invest in some high tech fruit saving methods. In the past two weeks I have thrown away countless strawberries and grapes because they have gone bad before consumption, making bananas my favorite fruit. I mean they are pretty tasty, go well with peanut butter and can be mashed and thrown in a 9x5 pan with a few other pantry essentials to make great tasting bread. And bananas are quite cheaper than strawberries and grapes and can be frozen with out altering their future use in breads and other fine desserts.

I love going on vacation. I love road trips. I love visiting with family. I hate packing and unpacking, trying to decide what is essential and what can be left behind and trying to load the car like I am playing tetris. I hate that gas is rising, but I seriosly doubt I am alone there. And I hate that our family lives so far away.

I love going to the beach, I love early morning and late night walks on the ocean, visiting the piers, reading a good book while listening to the waves crash on the shore, and spending time playing oodles and oodles of games with our family. BUT, I hate sand. I hate how it gets everywhere, in your car, your cooler, your hair, your swimsuit. For weeks after we return I continue to clean sand out of bags and cars but I still love the beach.

It is raining, my strawberries are molding, and I have to leave in two days on a family road trip.


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