Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#200, For Bailey and Cooper

If you want to run, mom will chase.
If you want to catch, mom will throw.
If you want to swing, mom will push.
If you want to know, mom will tell.
If you want to cross, mom will hold your hand.
If you want to sing, mom will listen.
If you want to laugh, mom will make a funny face.
If you want to compete, mom will cheer you on.
If you are hungry, mom will feed you.
If you are dirty, mom will run a bath.
If you are sad, mom will wipe your tears.
If you get hurt, mom will bandage.
If you are afraid, mom will leave the light on.
If you tired, mom will tuck you in.
If you need a hand, mom will help.
If you tell a lie, mom will know.
If you need a ride, mom will drive.
If you are around, mom will smile.
If you stay out late, mom will wait.
If you move away, mom will visit.
If you fall in love, mom will share you.
No matter what, mom will love you.

"I just want a small piece of you, somethin to put in a locket.
And I will look at it daily and it will make me happy."

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