Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Just Didn't Want It Badly Enough I Suppose

OK, OK. I realize that most of you aren't going to care a bit for this post but I think it is rather funny. But then again I find the human reproductive system pretty funny.

Anyways. I... Read... People Magazine.

I know, I know. I am losing cool points by the bucket load this week. But a few weeks ago I got the issue with J Lo on the cover with her twins. I must admit I was intrigued, so I started reading the article and I was insulted and a little enraged about what she said about her FINALLY getting pregnant so I stopped reading the article and have resided to thinking less and less of her, which isn't good because I never really like her. But then this morning I found this letter someone 'wrote' to her. And I have to say. My sentiments exactly!

So read this. Or don't.

And if you are a huge J Lo fan, I apologize. Doubly. Once because you are and twice because this makes fun of her.

Maybe you have to suffer infertility to truly appreciate this.


I have been wondering how much she got from People for those 'Exclusive' photos?


wesley's mom said...

I truly can't imagine any huge J.Lo fans stopping by here, can you?

I read those stupid magazines too. It's relaxing for me, thinking about how stupid all of those "famous" people are. Odd as it may seem, reading about how "small" they are really makes me feel better (i.e.more self-righteous) about myself.

It's very theraputic.

Hoolie said...

I also enjoy the guilty pleasures of the occasional People or slightly worse trash from National Enquirer and the like.

I did read your suggested link, and found it insightful being someone who fortunately has gotten pregnant easily. I cannot imagine what it would be like to live with that fear or pain, so I can understand your aggravation.

Strangely, I never know quite how to feel when one of the first question people (mostly women) want to ask is if we had fertility treatments. I usually answer this question because it's a simple 'no', but I am always struck by how personal that question really is.

Ward and June said...

I don't mind and even understand J Lo not wanting to discuss how her husband and her got pregnant, I know that other than this blog I don't discuss it with strangers and never have. People don't usually ask if we used fertility treatments, but they ask over and over again if they are identical and if twins run in the family. I feel as though when they ask if they run in the family that is there nice way of asking if we used treatment but maybe I am sensitive and they are just nosy. Most of my own family doesn't even know we did IVF, yet alone 3 times. So I can understand her feeling that it is personally.

I am not even suggesting she did IVF, I mean anyone who has gone through what we and countless other couples have gone through probably wouldn't be so cocky and insensitive to say things like 'I just wanted it so badly and it happened'. If wanting it so badly were a solution I would have fifteen children by now, but it isn't and Julie was right in her blog it took a lot financial risk, a stubborn personality and a strong relationship to whether the storm.

In the end I look back at what we went through and I think it is an amazing story and where as I don't feel like sharing that story with the cashier at Target, I am not in the least ashamed of any of it.

Our reproductive lives are personal and should be, and I agree with Julie that Miss Lopez should have told the interviewer up front she didn't want to answer any questions pertaining to their fertility and the interviewer should have respected that. In the end I think it makes J Lo seem a little to self-involved for my taste. The 'i just wanted it so badly' wasn't intended to offend I am sure but that is just what it did.