Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So I Mowed The Lawn

And I learned a few things while I was out there for two hours mowing the lawn.

1.) Our yard sucks. Not because it is big and takes forever to mow but because it is so uneven and bumpy that you ache all over when you are done.

2.) Despite the fact that our yard sucks, I really like to mow. Keep in mind that we have a riding lawn mower that does 90% of the work and what I really enjoy is the fresh air, the time to think and the chance to listen to my iPod.

3.) I like all of our neighbors less and less. I am becoming less of a people person or our neighbors are just becoming increasingly annoying in all directions.

4.) I love this song. Not the band so much, but I love this song.

1 comment:

wesley's mom said...

I love mowing the lawn too.

Ours only takes about a quarter of the time yours does, and we don't have a riding mower, but even when we had a pretty big yard I liked it.