Monday, May 12, 2008

Lynchburg Has A Lot To Offer

We were online looking for some local attractions to visit when our out of town family comes to visit in a few weeks. We stumbled across this fascinating website. If you've got time to peruse the whole site that would be great, if not we recommend you check out some of the highlights:

"Mags" the Headless Cat

Evington's Lost Locomotive (wreck site of the "Gorilla Train")

The Dreaming Creek "Troll" (The Mysterious Dark Vortex of Windsor Hills)

Pinehurst Mulleted Naturists Retreat

The Hiccup Man (He's Had Hiccups For Sixty-Four Years. Find Him A Cure And Win $500!)

Now we know that not all of you are from towns so cool as this. Try not to be toooo jealous. Before we found all of this great stuff we were just planning on doing some hiking on the Blue Ridge Trail and visiting the National D-Day Memorial. Do you think that the Mulleted Nudists will be appropriate for children?


James said...

I guess I've got to add another location to my list of places to see before I die.

Ward and June said...

With headless, breathing cats and mulleted nudists do you feel you have any other choice but to visit the area?


wesley's mom said...

I will give you a hundred dollars if you take JTs kids to see the headless cat, and another hundred if you take Mitzy to see the hiccup man. But both adventures must be captured on film or the deal is off.

I also think it would be a good idea if neither one of your mothers found out about those naked mullet people, you never know what is going to catch someone's eye.