Saturday, May 24, 2008

Disaster Averted!

But Just Barely.

Saturday night was Lucy's and Ricky's Senior Prom. They went together. They had a good time, but getting there was an adventure.

To start with, last Monday Ricky went to pick up his Tux, and was informed that it had been there for almost a month, and had just been sent back. The error, fortunately, was with the Tux rental place, and he was able to get it sent back in time for the big dance.

Saturday's pre-dance preperations included diving all over town to find the proper floral ingredients, a hair-cut for Ricky, and a styling for Lucy which turned into a three hour ordeal.

But the worst part was the waredrobe malfunction.

You see Lucy had to get her dress specially tailored because she is a little on the chunky side (5'1" - 78 lbs). Anyway, when she went to get dressed for the ball, the dress was too tight. So tight in fact that the zipper burst and got stuck. This was an hour before the dance was going to start. Ricky was waiting outside in his Tux, Lucy's hair was done up just right, and the dress was too small. That's right too small for the girl who would be considered dainty by elves.

So they jump in the car, Lucy stuck in the broken dress, and hurry over for some emergency alterations. You know, one of those 24 hour tailors. They had come up with a back up plan by this point. If they dress was unsalvageable, she would wear another dress (presumably from an old Barbie Doll she had in her closet) and Ricky would scrap his vest which matched her dress just so perfectly.

Good News.

They were able to save the dress, install a new zipper, and let it out a little. Phew! So then it was off to the dance.

The Prom started at 7 PM, but only the losers show up that early anyway. They were planning on being there at 8 PM, after most of the losers had left because it was boring without the cool kids. They made it by 9 PM, cementing their status as the COOLEST couple at the dance. Late is fashionable after all. Come to think of it, I have a couple of really fashionable employees.

They had fun at the dance and everybody lived happily ever after.



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