Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Am Concurrently Listening And Reminiscing

When I was in high school I knew few people who loved music quite the way that I do. Most of the people I hung out with were no longer in high school and in bands and then my best friend moved away and I was left alone in my ole hometown, heartbroken and lonely. Fortunately, I found some people who could put up with me for the duration of high school but we didn't have a lot of similar tastes in music, with one exception. The four of us were all big fans of The Lemonheads 'It's a Shame About Ray'.

So whenever we were hanging out or driving around (when gas was much, much cheaper) we would listen to this album. I like the Lemonheads in general but this is by far my favorite ablum. Maybe because I listened to it 3,502 times in one year or maybe because it is good, or perhaps a little of both.


Ward took me to see The Lemonheads in Charlotte, NC. They were pretty awesome. Circa, 1996 Car Button Cloth had just been released.

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