Friday, May 30, 2008

Congratulations, Ricky Ticky Timbo

As you can see I am still working on a new nickname for my little brother as I just haven't really found one that has stuck. This evening, at 7 p.m., Ricky and Lucy are graduationing from high school. I can't believe that my little brother doesn't ever have to go to school anymore, or that I will never have to give him lunch money or a ride to school anymore. We're kicking him out, pronto.

I do not intend to get all sappy, but I can remember my mom being pregnant with the little booger and then coming home from school and him being asleep in a laundry basket because my dad had gone out to get a bassinet for him. They didn't want to count their chickens before they hatched and that same mentality was present in me for the first few months of my pregnancy last year before I went buck wild buying everything baby in sight. I remember begging to have him sleep in my room so my parents set his bassinet up in my room so that I could be awoken in the middle of the night when he was crying, back then I didn't mind it, I still don't mind it (much). I wrote my first poem for him, which was later published in a young author's compilation. My first and last successful attempt at poetry.

I remember the terrible bowl cut I gave him when he was three, I may have been the first one ever to cut his hair. I remember persuading him to buy with his birthday money things I would like to play with.

I remember being really sad when he left with my mother, he was just getting fun and then they left and for the next few years we weren't very close. Over the last few years though Ward and I have tried to be a present force in his life and just the other day, when I was freaking out, he was very nice and told me, that he, my younger brother would take care of it and everything would be well. I told Ward, we've raised him pretty well.

In the fall he is going on to study for at least a semester at my alma mater, Lynchburg College and I look forward to watching him mature more and more and telling people at parties about my younger brother, you know that lad whom solved the fuel problem by designing an alternate fuel vehicle.

Until then, congratulations and here's to great things in your future, T-Y (another nickname).

My little brother, kindergarten circa 1994.


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