Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vegetarian F, No Hongos, Side of Rice

If we decide to go out to eat no one who knows me has to ask me where it is I want to go to dinner. They all know before asking, mexican. I love mexican, A LOT. And I have never been to a mexican restaurant that didn't have something vegetarian to offer. My favorite of all the mexican restaurants is La Carreta.

Before I became pregnant and before the twins were born I would frequent La Carreta at least once a week but often more times than that, once or twice I ate their four times in one week.

La Carreta is the only restaurant in my ole hometown other than fast food, chinese or Pizza Hutt and we frequented the place often as teenagers. When I was in the hospital after the twins were born our friends brought us La Carreta to go which I had never had before but was very good.

Last night we ran to Target and came across my brother and his girlfriend, we sat in the cafe for a few minutes talking and trying to decide how many small popcorns and drinks for a $1 to purchase when I suggested that we get something more substantial to eat. La Carreta here I come. We went to the La Carreta closest to our home which only opened a few months ago, making it their fourth location. There are now two in my hometown (#2 and #5), where my brother and Lucy reside. A smoking and nonsmoking one across the street from one another. Folks, I am not the only one crazy about this restaurant. If you can have two of the same restaurant across the street from one another (and the only other food chain I have seen do that is McDonald's) than you have something. Or than again you are dealing with a town where the folks have some difficulty crossing the street. Lucy told me they are now adding a 6th location in Amherst, where we went to high school. I can only imagine the teenagers like myself, skipping their last class to dine on free chips and salsa after La Carreta's siesta.

I love La Carreta and over the years we have become such regulars that they don't bring us menus anymore and they know what I am going to order. Ward and I both have our choices that we stick to. I have tried other things but I always come back to the Fajitas.

We don't go out to eat as much anymore but whenever we do, it is usually mexican.


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