Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maybe Hillary Wasn't Very Good At Math

This morning I read this.

Go ahead and read it too. Go ahead, I'll wait for you to come back.

I can understand why Clinton would want to keep fighting for the democratic nomination, I mean she has 'lent' herself quite a bit of money in her ernest attempt to secure her parties nomination and Barack has yet to offer her the Vice Presidency but when is enough going to be enough. Why can't she realize that she is trailing behind, more and more each primary and ultimately she is helping divide, not unite, her party by continuing to campaign. I could say the same about Obama but I like him and he is at least winning in the number of (not so super?) delegates so why should he be the one to back down.

I have heard others say (and think myself) that Obama is the more electable candidate and that if Clinton pinches the democratic nomination in some way there may be a good deal of people who vote for another candidate just as to not vote for her. The republicans seem to know it, they seem to think that Clinton is the way to go to sinch McCain's presidential nomination. I have heard lots of comments, ridiculous comments about Clinton being the first woman president and that being important. Supposedly a great deal of white women are behind her just to see a woman president. The same goes for African American support of Obama. Sometimes I wonder why they let citizens vote, I mean, you have a responsibility to vote for the person you think is going to do a good job or at least the candidate whom addresses the issues in the campaign period that you like them to, not the person whom resembles you the most.

At this point I think that Hillary Clinton is just being selfish and her unwillingness to drop out is becoming detrimental to the democratic party. I agree with McGovern that mathematically Obama has all but won and it IS time to unite and get ready for the election in the fall. McGovern's decision to back Obama despite his long relationship with the Clinton's would say to me if I was Hillary Clinton, you ran a good race, now gracefully back out while Obama still has a chance.



wesley's mom said...

I really don't get what her plan could be.

Maybe she is cocoon in a soft blanket of idiot advisers (read-- people who are on the gravy train that ends when this pointless campain does) who are telling her that math doesn't matter. She is a woman, we aren't very good at math.

There is an artical on the Huffington Post comparing her to the "not dead yet" knight of Monty Python fame, it's pretty acurate.

The whole because she's a woman or he's black, or he's a robot and we've never had one before arguement REALLY annoys me.

There are reports she will drop out by June 15, if so, why wait?

Ward and June said...

Yeah, why continue to divide the party for another month, spending all that money she 'lent' herself. Sorry Clintons, maybe in a few years you can see if Chelsea would like to run, but give it up this go 'round.


Ward and June said...

He's a robot! Why didn't anyone tell me. I know who I'm voting for now.

Which one was the robot again?


wesley's mom said...

Duh! Mr. Stiff Arm. Even my kids know he's a robot. Sheesh!!