Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Am Not The Democrat My Dad Wants Me To Be

I am non partisan. I normally vote democrat, but not always.

I rather like Barack Obama. Not because he is a democrat but for other reasons.

I rather dislike Hillary Clinton. Not because she is a democrat but fot lots of reasons.

Recently, I was discussing the Democratic Nomination with my father and he told me that he can't stand it when people say that they are going to vote for McCain or go independent if Clinton gets her parties nomination. Those people are just stupid. The point is to get a democrat in office.

I have determined from our little conversation that I am just stupid and definitely not the democrat my father wants me to be.



James said...

I'm voting for a re-do

I don't want Obama, Clinton or McCain to be our next president.

This is why a two-party system sucks.

Ward and June said...

I so agree. I always try to vote for a third-party candidate. My wife says that I am throwing my vote away, but I tell her, and all of you, that what I am really voting for is a change in the two-party system.

Until enough people speak up against it, things aren't going to change.

And by the way, Ralph Nader did not cost Al Gore the election. And if Ron Paul runs as a libertarian it will not be his fault that McCain loses.

The two-party system robs us of our freedom of choice.

"Would you like this rotten apple or this rotten orange, that's all we have to offer."


James said...

Unfortunately, I really doubt that Dr. Paul will run as a Libertarian this year. He seems bent on reforming the Republican party. I would have voted for him in a heartbeat.