Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To

This morning my neighbor stopped in to see if I wanted to go to the auction being held two doors up, the children were napping and Ward agreed to stay home so I went with her and her daughter to be nosy and see who are new neighbors perhaps might be and to see how much the house, built the same times as ours, would go for.

How much did the house go for? $150K!

Reasons to be depressed:

1.) Our neighborhood seems to be going to pot.

2.) We own not one but TWO houses in our neighborhood.

3.) We may never sell either of the two houses, I can sit on that second house for 10 years before I take a $225K loss.

4.) The US economy may really be in a depression, not just a recession.

The real estate agent assured me that the house will not go for that little, that the bank will refuse to sell it at that, but I am not convinced. And so what if the house doesn't go for $150K if it goes for uner $300K that is a hit as the house is on par if not a little under the house we are trying to sell.

You would cry to if it happened to you.

-Leslie Gore

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James said...

Though our house is still up for sale, we've psychologically taken it off the market. Sorry to hear about your house troubles. Is renting your other house an option?