Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Incredible June

Since the twins were born I have perfected the two carrier hold with the twins Graco Carrier/Car Seats. Often I have to take the twins somewhere alone where a stroller is inconvenient or just not an option. Romp 'N Roll for instance. When people see me coming with a carrier in each arm their first response is to open the door for me tell me that my hands are full followed by commenting that I must be very strong to carry around such heavy looking babies. I hadn't thought that I had gotten any stronger since the twins were born and I hate the "hands full" comment so I usually just smile as I struggle to open the door with my arms full.

But this weekend a few things happened that made me think that maybe I am stronger than I give myself credit for. On Saturday morning I was putting on a not-so-cheap Bra from a major mall retailer and as I was pulling a strap onto my shoulder I ripped the strap rendering the bra useless. My first thought was that they have cheapened out on their bras which I once thought were a women's breast friend, but then...

We went to a pool party. I had made some mighty tasty Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips. After saying hello to everyone at the pool I took the extra Tupperware container of Salsa to store in my friend's fridge. When I reached for the handle of her screen door and pushed the lever in the entire contraption fell apart in my hands and all over my friends deck. Not only did I feel terrible but I started to wonder the power of my carrier toting arms. My friend told me not to worry, the door was old but I still feel terrible about it.

Then on Sunday we went to Roanoke to see my would-be-but won't-now-ever-be-Stepfather. Ward brought along a cup of Cherry Coke in a Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop cup. As soon as we left I was worried that the coke would splash in the Sequoia and make a sticky mess because it was propped on it's side on some Starburst wrappers (I never said I had the cleanest car). So what did I do, let my worry build until The Incredible June was released picking up the coke and dumping not a splash but the entire 16oz all over the console of my vehicle. How did it happen? All I can say is it was the outcome of my sheer strength for which I don't even know the full potential of yet.

This morning a lady told me that I sure had my hands full while I was trying to get into Old Navy. I asked her if she wanted to see my big guns. She looked at me strange and hurried off. I think she misunderstood me but at least she moved out of my way.

I am beginning to think that maybe it wasn't cheap fabric in my bra, rusty door handle or crappy cups that weren't ever meant to serve as dining wear that caused these incidents but rather my super hero mother status.


wesley's mom said...

Do you think they will want to make a movie about your superhuman abilities? Maybe Ironman could do a cameo.

We used to live in a ward where there was this oldish lady who would scold me for carrying the baby around in it's carrier (something about being able to recover from childbirth or some such nonsense), but she never really offered me any good alternative.

James said...

You can't really brag about your guns until you give them names.

Ward and June said...

I am in the talking stage with Marvel so I can't really talk about that right now, but as soon as we finalize our negotiations I will let you know, maybe the twins can cameo.

Maybe we should take a poll on what to name my guns. What sort of names do people usually give their guns?