Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outing #2

My birthday is Saturday, I won't yet be old but I am not as young as I used to be and I feel older than I really am. I am not getting a D3 or a d300 for my birthday, but Ricky has agreed to babysit so that Ward can take me out to see a movie, one of our favorite pass times. We've seen the X-Files and Batman, so what should we see this weekend? Tropic Thunder, The Pineapple Express, Journey to the Center of the Earth? Why am I wishing I had been born in June.

I feel, oddly enough, much better about leaving the twins this time. My brother lives with us and the twins are used to him. He knows the bedtime routine and how to change a diaper. Not that the last time was terrible, we all survived, but we got home both of the babies were awake and downstairs. From 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., our children don't come downstairs. At 7 we head up for the bath, book, bottle, bed routine and they don't come back downstairs until they have awoken for good the next moring, ususally 6:30 or so. Our friends didn't do anything wrong it was just me feeling uncomfortable. The twins woke up every couple of hours for the rest of that night and the few nights following. Another friend of mine told me to get over it, that when I go out I am just going to have to get used to the babysitters routine and just be happy as long as they are alive and well when I get home. There is another option, we could just stay home.

The idea of an evening out is just not as fun when you have to write out detailed care instructions, call home a dozen times and worry through dinner. Our evening out wasn't that bad or we wouldn't be going out this Saturday, but I would rather it be a once in a while routine than a weekly event. But with the cost of babysitters and the money tree drought I doubt that will be a problem.



James said...

What about going out later? Have a nice dinner at home, get the kids to bed, then sneak out for your movie.

Not that it's ever worked for us...

Ward and June said...

We actually did that when we went and saw The Dark Knight and it actually went rather well, but we are testing the waters here, we like to do that sometimes just to be reminded of what big fools we are.