Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Ever Addictive eBay

I love taking photos but sometimes I feel like something is lacking, that they could be better, that my photos are missing something. I believe that something is Adobe Photoshop. So recently I have been looking into purchasing some except that it is so bloody damn expensive. I mean really, it is.

So a few days ago Ward set up an abay account. If you are thinking that we must be the last adults alive to have an ebay account take heart that this account is not our first. Some years ago I set up an account, bought one lousy object and forgot my PayPal information. Ebay wouldn't let me set up a new PayPal account under that username because I already had one and I wrote the whole enterprise off, for years.

Now that Ward is filling in his G.I. Joe comic book collection I have started looking about for photo equipment and realising why I didn't mind exiting the ebay train in the first place. It's gambling and gambling is dangerous and addictive. I mean how easy is it to bid an item and then bid again when you realize your first bid has been outbid. I find myself easily adding $3 here and $5 there to bids and before I know it I am winning an item that I am not sure I really need or want. Dangerous, really really dangerous for someone with my personality.

The problem is Cs3 costs $600 on amazon and only $285 on ebay. Or does it? Has anyone else had any experience buying on ebay? Should I be leery? Are these prices as good as they claim or should I just save up my money and buy the real thing? I want cs3 and Lightroom 2 but by the time I save up for them at retail prices Cs18278 and Lightroom 39734 will be out.

My photos are begging for this software, do I really have the heart to just ignore them?


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Chris and Erin said...

All I can say is, let someone (me) do some "research" for you and you may have to pay even less. I'll be trying out the exact programs you speak of on Ricky's new laptop, so if we are successful then it's Photoshop and Light Room for everyone! (In case anyone in law enforcement reads this, I'm so totally kidding right now...)

Of course if you don't agree with the methods by which Ricky may or may not be getting them, I would go the eBay route as long as the seller has a good amount of positive feedback and uses PayPal.