Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Because I Finally Broke Down

Turns out a lot of people watched Barack's (yes, we are on a one sided first name basis) speech. You're welcome. I mean if we hadn't been watching there would have only been 34, 399,999 people watching.

I must say, after holding out for 8 months it was probably the best thing that I could have chosen to watch.

Does any one know when McCain's speech is? I would like to hear his as well. To answer the pollers questions, if the election were held today, I would vote for Barack Obama, but I think it is only in everyone's interest to hear both sides of the story and make the best informed decision. That's why I may just break our no television ban and watch the debates as well. I may even tune in for Palin's speech, because that, that makes me really curious.

I mean I am paying over $100 for cable that no one watches, I might as well make use of it occasionally.

Oh, why am I paying that much if we don't ever watch it? Because I ridiculously signed a contract for 2 years with Direct T.V.

That is 4,383 on the list of silly things I have done in my life.


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