Monday, August 25, 2008

Did You Know?

  1. I am bored and can no longer fall asleep before midnight?
  2. I love mexican food, especially La Carreta mexican food, especially Vegetarian Fajitas?
  3. I almost always delete FW: emails, before even reading them?
  4. That Madonna and I share the same birthday? Month and Day only, I am not yet 50.
  5. I was scared to take so much as a single painkiller during pregnancy and now won't even take a single Tylenol P.M. to help me sleep.
  6. I have friends who don't know who U2 are and yet still call these people 'Friends'?
  7. I went to Lynchburg College and graduated Magna Cum Laude and haven't worked a day outside the home since?
  8. That I majored in Human Development and Learning?
  9. That HD&L is 'education'?
  10. That I never did my student teaching so I have to go back for a semester before I can put my degree to any use?
  11. That even if you don't work a day outside the home after graduating that they still expect you to pay off your student loans.
  12. I do work for Ward's company.
  13. I even get paid.
  14. I don't know if people think that counts.
  15. The only night I ever stayed in a dorm was at UVA for orientation.
  16. That I withdrew my acceptance from UVA to stay close to Ward and the rest of my family.
  17. That I have never regretted that decision?
  18. Not even once?
  19. That Elvis died on my birth date? On the same month and date but several years before I was born?
  20. That Elvis had a twin who died at birth?
  21. That I love Karaoke?
  22. A lot?
  23. That my favorite color is red?
  24. Because it is welcoming yet powerful?
  25. That I once killed a cat by putting it in the dryer?
  26. That I was two when I put that cat in the dryer and that his death was always blamed on me but that I could have in no way turned on the dryer?
  27. That I love They Might Be Giants?
  28. That I was born in Raleigh?
  29. That I have never been abducted by aliens?
  30. Not even once?
  31. That I know of at least.
  32. I hate Johnny Quest.
  33. And Ren and Stimpy.
  34. And Spongebob.
  35. That when I drink alcohol I drink too much.
  36. And say too much.
  37. That Christmas is my favorite holiday?
  38. And Halloween a close second?
  39. I hate Valentine's Day.
  40. But just a little.
  41. Death of a Salesman is my favorite play.
  42. That I enjoy the film Look Who's Talking?
  43. More than it is probably safe to admit.
  44. And that by now most people have stopped reading so they will never know that.
  45. That my sister and I used to pretend we were dating 'The Corey's".
  46. I was dating Feldman.
  47. Which at the time seemed like I was being duped.
  48. But now it looks like I had the better one.
  49. And I also had a crush on Michael J. Fox.
  50. Ah, Teen Wolf.
  51. And Leonardo DiCaprio.
  52. Pre-Titanic.
  53. And Johhny Depp.
  54. Pre-Pirates.
  55. That I collected Marvel Cards from 1990-94.
  56. And comic books.
  57. Once I went to a Halloween Party as Rogue.
  58. That she is so much cooler than she is portrayed in the X-Men films?
  59. That I didn't have Cheesecake until I met my husband's family?
  60. And now I love it?
  61. I love pistachios.
  62. And pecans.
  63. But not Brazil Nuts or Peanuts.
  64. Unless they carry around blankies and play a mean piano.
  65. That I am afraid of horror movies?
  66. That I love The Muppets Christmas Carol?
  67. I am afraid of any positive attention from the opposite sex?
  68. And that I always have been?
  69. I mean oddly afraid?
  70. So much so that it is amazing that I even have a husband?
  71. That once in high school.
  72. I was stalked.
  73. At least I think I was.
  74. That we bought a van when we decided to have children?
  75. And then a house a month later?
  76. And painted the 'nursery' yellow?
  77. And then couldn't get pregnant?
  78. So we sold the van.
  79. And the house.
  80. And now we have an SUV?
  81. And a yellow nursery?
  82. That I used to by sort of a pyromaniac?
  83. When I was ten.
  84. And I used to steal cigarettes from my mom?
  85. And smoke them in my neighbors backyard.
  86. And I used to lie all the time?
  87. Hey, I'm just being honest.
  88. And Laying it all out there.
  89. I once owned an '89 Pontiac.
  90. And a Wicket instead of some furry die?
  91. And I once slept in a house intended for goats.
  92. And spray painted the inside of a house on Rivermont?
  93. With the owner and his girlfriend.
  94. That I hate Orange Juice?
  95. But that I love GAP t-shirts?
  96. And Levi's?
  97. And Chuck Taylor's?
  98. That I once owned a Hamster named Nutmeg and a grasshopper named Jiminy?
  99. That I no longer check the weather everyday?
  100. Because it never changes.
  101. And it never rains.
  102. That I have a bumper sticker on my car?
  103. A Smith's bumper sticker.
  104. Ward has a bumper sticker on his car, too.
  105. A Homestar bumper sticker.
  106. I'm just sayin'.
  107. That I love lists and list making?
  108. That I still haven't finished Breaking Dawn?
  109. That I should really try and go to sleep.

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