Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amazon NEVER Forgets

This is a silly quick post but I am flabbergasted, yep, I said it, flabbergasted. I just bought something from amazon, my favorite place in the world, and that something gave me a sweet deal from Shutterfly in my 'media library' that I have never visited before today. Turns out I have had other sweet deals in the past that I never even realized but have long since expired. One of those sweet deals was for a camera that I bought after I thought my Nikon N60 kicked the bucket some years ago (I got the Nikon N60 as a gift and then it 'broke' four years later, but it really just turned out that the camera was acting funny and the guy at Ritz was an idiot because a year ago I gambled $12 on a replacement battery for it just for the fun of it and guess what it works, so I went without my favorite camera for years because some highschooler thought they knew something about 35mm cameras when he really didn't, but that's another blog really.....). Back to the camera, A Minolta Zoom 160c Date 35mm camera to be exact, purchased October 24, 2004 from amazon. Amazon still has all the information about the purchase and I didn't even remember that I bought it from amazon. It must have been in the beginning of our relatioship when I wasn't a prime member and have wish lists as long as Santas bad lists.

That Konica Minolta camera, it was purchased because I used to work at a photo lab and my favorite customer owned a Minolta and when I looked into it this was the only one I could find, I should have gone digital back then because that camera was AWFUL! Come to think of it that camera made me go digital, I bought my first digital camera in May of 2005 before visiting the Rocky Mountains. That Minolta sits in its carrying case to this very day, if I thought I could get a dime for it I would sell it, I probably should give it to my mother-in-law who's still using~gasp~ disposables!

But amazon, dear sweeet amazon, you are like the big grey elephant, ginormous and never forgetting, and I HEART you. I mean no one else not even me, remembers so much about me or my purchasing and that, that really means something.

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Ward and June said...

The fact that no one knows you like Amazon knows you, although true, is a disturbingly sad observation.

You should talk to people more often.

-Your Husband, remember me?