Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can't Wait For School Lunch Options, Need to Be Crazy NOW

I'm a little bit of a, well let's see how to put this, a nut, I guess. After my failed attempt at Breastfeeding I pumped for as long as I could when at around 4 months the crying babies during the painful tri-hourly ordeal became more than I could bear and then I switched, slowly but determinedly to formula. I was so guilt ridden that I would only agree to Enfamil for my babies and of course Nursery water. I didn't change my stride even when the pediatrician balked at me, no I continued to buy bottled gallon jugs of water to mix the formula with at Target at a whopping $1.19 a jug. By five months I was becoming utterly depressed with the cost of Enfamil for a week for the twins so I begrudingly switched to the Sam's brand, but I wouldn't give up the bottled water. I will switch to tap at 6 months, I assured Ward. Six months came and went and the bottled water was just a habit at this point. I just want the best for my children, and having failed that route, I wanted the second best, and having been to poor for that option the third best, bottled Nursery water with premium Member's Mark formula.

Recently the twins have been eating more and more solid foods for at least two meals a day.Having fought me for months with the baby Oatmeal I have given in and am introducing as of yesterday, fruits in a jar, yum. Coop and Bailey seem to LOVE it, three meals a day here we come, and of course altered snacks of Zwieback and Puffs, Gerber must love me, nut that I am. With the meal routine they drink less formula but we are still going through 2-3 gallons a week of the water. But I am just having a hard time letting it go.

Then, three days ago, an epiphany. That Brita water filter that I never use, well, it could be the answer to bottled jugs of water. The filters aren't cheap but I can buy them in bulk at Sam's and it beats having to run to Target to get several gallons of water which is not easy by myself. So a compromise, tap water through a filter. I feel better about this already.

Do you think, say in ten years or so, I will finally get over my guilt and anger over the my nursing failures? Geez, I hope so.


p.s. It was hard for me to switch but now that I have, Member's Mark formula seems fine and is SOOOOOO much cheaper. Formula now costs about $80 a month compared to $360 a month.

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James said...

And then some day you'll watch one eat a carrot that fell on the floor and think, "Oh well. At least they're eating their vegetables."