Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I like to celebrate my birthday so yesterday I was having a bit of a Samantha Baker experience. I woke up to find Ward working on the S.S. Death Trap and a messy house to de-clutter. Several family members wished me happy birthday by way of Facebook or Blogs and my Dad and sister called to wish me a happy birthday but other than that is was like any other Saturday. Ward didn't even come in and wish me a happy birthday until 10 a.m.

My neighbor came by a little after that for me to accompany her to the auction down the street but she didn't wish me a happy birthday but I figured that she just didn't know. When I called my friends to tell them they should bid on the house (that is now up to $300K) they didn't wish me a happy birthday. My brother called at 3 to wish me one but then asked to speak to Ward.

I wasn't expecting whistles and bells but I was a little bummed at the brushing over of my birthday. My sister had plans, she couldn't even see me on my birthday and there weren't even any good movies at the theatre. I was feeling jaded and like a high schooler and yet I couldn't shake the bummed feeling.

Last weekend I had asked Ward if he wanted to have people over to play games on my birthday and he just shook it off, when he called on Monday and asked me out to a dinner and a movie I was excited. Yesterday that was the one thing I was really looking forward to. Dinner at Olive Garden, where I have not eaten since the day before I was induced and then a movie. I was supposed to make my own dessert, but feeling jaded and bummed I skipped it completely.

Ward suggested an early dinner and an early movie. Lucy dropped Ricky off and headed to work, Ricky mowed the grass and we got ready for our night out. I was worried about how the twins would handle our absence and I busied myself with getting ready and setting out PJs. At 5:30 I gave Ricky detailed instructions. We won't call, I told him. Call us if you have any problems but don't worry with crying as they may cry because we are gone.

We left without long goodbyes because I didn't want to draw the twins attention to our exit. When we were pulling out of the neighborhood Ward commented on how early we were going out. Even though he had suggested it I suddenly felt rotten. I felt like we should be seeing a later movie and only went ahead with the 5:30 thing because he seemed so sure of his plan.

We got to Olive Garden and there was a wait. He suggested heading to the bar. We treated ourselves to a drink which we never do. Within 15 minutes our buzzer went off. Almost as soon as we were seated my stomach started to bother me. We ordered appetizers and our meals. I kept feeling worse. I couldn't describe it but it kept getting steadily worse. Ward started to suggest that we not go to the movie but go home. By the time our dinner came I was feeling awful, I felt extremely hot and I was even beginning to feel physically ill. Ward wanted to go home and I was getting upset about ruining my 'birthday dinner' and our evening. Ward assured me that I wasn't ruining his evening, that he didn't even want to see the movie but I was getting so upset. I couldn't touch my food and Ward got the check. I was feeling worse and worse both physically and even emotionally. I couldn't shake the immature feeling that my birthday was a bust. I felt stupid for feeling that way and I wondered if I was feeling anxiety over leaving the children at home.

Ward went to the restroom and I headed outside to get some fresh air. I pictured myself home on the couch sick and I just wanted to go home and go to bed and wake up when it was no longer my birthday. When he came outside he asked if I was feeling better and I was, I was beginning to wonder if I was sick because I had left the kids at home and having decided to go home I was slowly feeling better. He asked if I wanted to go to Target, my most favorite place but I just wanted to go home.

On the way home I started feeling better and I asked him if he wanted to go to the movie. He said we should go home and get some medicine and if I wanted to see a later movie when the kids were asleep then we could head back out, I was beginning to feel almost fine. He started joking about my birthday being a waste and him not buying me a cake or even a card. He was getting me to smile and I was starting to like the idea of putting the kids to bed and going back out to the theatre even though I was still bummed about dinner.

We got home and came through the garage as usual and when I opened the door to the house

There by the laundry room was my sister and her son, her husband, some couples who I had spoke to that morning and had not even wished me a happy birthday, my brother, the twins, our neighbors, and a few other couples all throwing me a surprise birthday party. I was instantly thrown off guard, laughing and wondering if Ward had poisoned my dinner. I can't describe how surprised I was. We had only been gone for a little over an hour. The house was decorated. The kids fed and in pajamas. I couldn't stop blushing and wondering where everyone was parked.

Ward had called my sister and a few of our friends and arranged the whole shebang. There was even Ice Cream cake, my favorite. I couldn't get over how I had never caught on. It was pretty cool.

I got a few pretty cool gifts but I have to address my favorite. My brother Ricky lives with us. He and Lucy's gift really hit me hard. In a blue bag there was a Hallmark card that said


As I sit in your basement scribbling you this card so I can bring it to you, I just can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. Keeping me housed, fed and loved while our mother failed.


Anyway, here is at least one step towards your photo studio.

And in the bag was this:

(Note the Disposable cameras)

In the 'Open Last' envelope was this.

Make that 2 steps.

And the next thing I know Ricky runs over to the steps leading to the basement and brings out a lighting kit from Ritz. I was shocked at the gift but even more so by the cards and his thoughtfulness, it wasn't that he isn't thoughtful it was just a really powerful experience with the card coupled with the whole surprise party.

The whole evening was awesome. I couldn't believe that Ward had thrown me a surprise party, it just isn't like him and everyone else had been so hush hush about it. I felt utterly silly and juvenile for thinking that no one remembered me. On the way home last night from Olive Garden Ward was saying things that could have made me suspicious but a surprise party is just too unlike him. I can't imagine what he must be planning for our anniversary!



wesley's mom said...

That's great! I hate that feeling like no one knows it's my birthday, even though I hate the attention too.

I loved reading this, I kept wanting to skip ahead, because I was suspicious that there was a party, but I didn't want to miss any of the details.

Glad your day turned out happy!

ps-happy aniversary!!

Ward and June said...

And Happy Anniversary to you too.

I know it's juvenile to admit, I don't want to be the one being sang to at Red Robin but it's nice to feel like you are remembered.

James said...

Happy Birthday!

PS - Nice work, Ward.

PPS - So did you poison her food?