Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Impressions

So Ward and I just finished watching Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech and I just thought that I would take a few minutes and respond because I know all of my republican readers can't wait until tomorrow for my response.

I will keep it short and to the point, it's late.

I like Obama. I mean I really do. He delivers a good speech (having taken one speech course in high school and two in college I have no idea how all of these people pull their speeches off so effortlessly). He says the things I want to hear and I think I like him even more tonight than last night.

So of course he said what I and other supporters want to hear, isn't that politics as usual, if you vote for me this is what I will do for you... But I think that it is more than just saying what I want to hear, I think he has a plan for us and I would like to see him have a term in office to prove himself, I mean what do we have to lose.

I like his stance on the War, on education, on the energy crisis. I like that he says that the election isn't about him, that it's about the rest of us. As corny and ridiculous as this will sound, when he was talking about Martin Luther King, Jr and the change we need now I caught myself holding my breath. I like what this man is saying. I feel silly and giddy, but I really want to see him in office. I am ready for the change he spoke of.

Here is this man standing before his country asking them to vote for him and I say-

OK, Obama, OK.

I am going to try and watch as many of the speeches next week as I can, I want to give McCain a fair chance but I hate to admit that my heart has already been won over. I will have to remind myself to keep an open mind next week. Either way I am already looking forward to that first debate on Sept. 26th.

When I think about my family and what would be best for just us I sometimes think that I could be/would be a republican but when I think about what is best for others, for the world, for our planet, I have to lean more towards the liberal side of things. I don't register with either party. I don't usually get this involved in elections (even though I think I should). I have NEVER donated money to a candidate before, yet alone on multiple occasions. But something has stirred in me as well and I want to be involved. I get excited when the polls call and they have now, several times. I get excited when the Obama camp calls and I can tell them what I am thinking. We want to feel that our vote makes a difference and for some reason with him, I feel like my vote, my support, really does matter.

He speaks of change. He says we can.

I like him.

And that ole Al Gore too.

-Of course, june

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