Friday, August 1, 2008

The Final Frontier

So I heard about this on the radio today!

Some Very exciting news indeed.

The Phoenix Rover has scooped up a handful of ice crystals. Of course you know that this is definitive proof that there were once Martians on the planet, and that they are the ones who colonized Earth in the first place, and have been continually abducting prime Human Specimens for the last millennium or so.

So that isn't what it really means. Or at least probably not. But it is very exciting news to a science geek like myself. One day our grandchildren's grandchildren could be living on another planet with an oxygen based atmosphere. Until now I was really looking forward to the moon base where I hoped to retire, but this changes everything.

But seriously, if our neighboring planet is home to the basic building blocks of life as we now it, that gives me hope that there are probably much more compatible planets out there in other solar systems, not to mention the nearly infinite galaxies that comprise our universe.

Distance is the problem now. We need to work on that Ion Propulsion engine and perfect the Cryonic Storage Units soon. Come on, let's get moving folks.


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