Friday, August 1, 2008

Playground Update #2

Here are some second shots of the playground, as you can see it isn't going all that quickly. By the time it is finished our children may be big enough to play on it.
But the second tower has been started and the tunnel is in place.
That is the front view of the biggest tower, which is hopefully going to look like a pirate ship when Ward is done.
Can you see the boat? Our neighbor's can't.
The tunnel from atop the second tower.



the_falcon81 said...

Your neighbors are morans.

James said...

Damn that's cool.

Pick a name yet for her?

I'm still cracking up because of the poor little playset in the neighbor's yard. Clearly it will need to seek counseling after this.

Ward and June said...

The name S.S. Deathtrap has been mentioned, but Maybe we should have an online Name The Playgroud contest.

Maybe we could offer the winner Free Admittance for a year or something. (Of course you'll have to sign a liability waiver.)

I'll try to get some more done soon, I've just been busy.