Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Tear The Size of A Baseball

I've done it folks, finally! I have finished Breaking Dawn and I just knew that those related to me that finished it weeks ago would want to know what I thought (as if they didn't already know what I thought).

First let me begin by telling you that I don't usually read young adult or teen fiction but the Twilight series came highly recommended by my niece who is an avid reader with fairly decent taste. I do like to read and I like to have things to discuss with my far away family so I bought the first and second book (and got a deal on amazon).

I have never read any vampire stories and other than the New Orleans Vampire Tour we went on in 2005, I have never been all that into Vampire lore. But Twilight was OK, it wasn't the best book that I had ever read but I liked the love story entangled with this new concept of Vampires-vegetarian Vampires that is. So I began New Moon and I was less than impressed with the on and on ramblings of how sad Bella was at Edward's absence. While reading New Moon, Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in the Twilight series was released. Both my sister and my sister-in-law were reading the series and at a much faster pace than I was. Only, and I really mean ONLY because they were reading the series and I have a desperate desire to talk about the books I read, did I continue through Half Moon to Eclipse. Eclipse was rather good, maybe my favorite book in the series. I was involved enough with the characters that I was beginning to almost care what happened to them and my eye rolling has dwindled down to about only once every chapter or so. I was well aware of the fourth book when I finished Eclipse but I just couldn't help but think-what else is there really to say or do?

So I started Breaking Dawn and it almost immediately made me want to stop. I could care less about the wedding details, this book really is written for teenage girls huh? I was about to get bored with the honeymoon when Meyers takes us to absurdity in her plot twist. I couldn't help but wonder if Meyers thought the plot was so twisted and unlike her main character that she decided to switch to another characters first person for 'Book 2'. I mean I like Jacob, I mean I really do, but I would have much preferred the books all be told from Bella's perspective. The pregnant Bella was too far a stretch for Meyer's to write I presume? That's fine, but lets edit some of these pages, does the pregnancy which doesn't last all that long, really have to take up so much of the book?

Then the baby, Renesmee? Let's look past her ridiculous name for a moment-oh wait, that is just too hard to do. Let me gasp, sigh, and roll my eyes. OK, back to my review. Jacob imprinting on Nessie (better name choice?). I saw it coming but how I wished Meyer's wasn't going to let me down in this fashion after the first two sections of Breaking Dawn had been such a letdown, but no, she goes through with it even though Leah was a better match in my opinion. I was hoping someone in the story could form a relationship the old fashioned way but I guess not.

I can stomach Bella's overcoming of most of the drawbacks to the newborn stage but Charlie coming over. Are you serious? If I wasn't so interested in just how bizarre this book could get, I would have stopped reading pages ago.

So I try to overlook most of the bad silly things that happen and look at the positives for this tale as I am investing a lot of spare time into this 754 page book that read a lot slower than The Deathly Hallows. Meyer's fits the pieces together pretty well. I like the supernatural powers and even the wolf twist, I was even managing to accept the imprinting scenario as were Edward and Bella when the book was winding down-slowly-slowly-slowly through the Volturi visit when what do I come across but Jacob crying a tear the size of a baseball, a BASEBALL. This was it. I must have read this sentence 14 times. A baseball. Really. Well, that really tells me how sad he was at the prospect of losing Bella. Baseball (come back eyes, don't stay back there).

Baseballs aren't really huge, unless you have tears the size of them. Then they are just ridiculous. I would have cried from laughing if I didn't feel so inferior to these large, perfectly rounded tears of Jacobs. I am being insensitive, aren't I? Oh well, I can't seem to help myself.

Anyways, I had to get that off my shoulder. The book ended OK, I would have liked to have seen an actual physical confrontation between the Voturi and the rest of the vampires but I will take the ending she gave us. Hoping that it is the end.

This morning my sister told me that Midnight Sun, the inteded fifth book told from Edward's perspective was leaked, or at least the first twelve chapters, on the Internet and so Meyers has decided to indefinitely end working on it. I can only think that you should stop while you are ahead and though this will mean less revenue for you Mrs. Meyers, it is probably the right thing. Stopping at Eclipse was probably best, but ending now, you know with your "THE END" page and all it's finality at the end of Breaking Dawn is respectable.


wesley's mom said...

All I can say is "I feel your pain". Unfortunately.

On the other hand, have you read Persepolis? It's pretty good. I think you'd like it.

Ada said...

my first experience of reading vampire story was online, i barely remember that site is, and people there are all hanker after these vampire things,i often think i've made some vampire friends!