Thursday, August 7, 2008

In All Of My Extra Spare Time

So recently I have taken up a Lynchburg Daily Photo Blog and have really thrown myself into taking more photos. As I have previously mentioned I sometimes take 300-400 shots a day (our poor children will probably go blind from the flash going off in their face). I have been reading about fully utilizing the features on the D80 and have looked into some Adobe software but haven't purchased any yet because the weather has been pretty dry in these parts and my money tree isn't very healthy right now. But then I thought hey why not divide what small amount of time you have left and take up another hobby.

Ward voted for exercise in some shape or another. I chose Scrapbooking. I would never have thought that scrapbooking would be so time consuming or difficult. When I say difficult I mean that I am a perfectionist but far from perfect, very frustrating. Scrapbooking is the perfect hobby for me. I can take one of my favorite things (photos) and pair them with another favorite thing (shopping at Target) and waste hours of time.

Originally I was going to make Bailey and Cooper scrapbooks. I bought the scrapbooks before they were born and have been stockpiling memorabilia to put in them since before they were born. But when I started thinking about how to begin their scrapbooks I decided that really I needed a pregnancy scrapbook as well which works out because I hope to pass these scrapbooks on to them when they are older and I can keep the pregnancy one for myself (I am so selfish like that). So for the past week or so I have been working on a pregnancy scrapbook. I haven't even gotten to the pregnancy yet because I think and design and rethink every step of the project. Did I mention my oligomania?

But despite the time drainage scrapbooking has proven to be...well fun. I have really enjoyed deciding what to put in the scrapbook and how to design each page. I am not an artist and I am not about to take a class at Michael's but I don't think it looks half bad for an amateur scrapbooker. Besides, the walk down memory lane has been worth it.

I have even thought of making a wedding scrapbook. That's just how bad the oligomania is.


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wesley's mom said...

Say it isn't so.

I hear scrapbooking is harder to get off of than crack. Turn away before it's too late!!!