Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Run, Run, Run, Otis Lee

As I mentioned at least once before I am the kind of person who hoards things, especially old letters and birthday cards (which I love and Thank You very much). I would hold onto everything ever given to me if given the space. It's just my nature. And the things I've lost or given away from my childhood, some of it I really miss. So much so that I think about it and search for it on Amazon and Ebay. And finally today, for $7.99 and in shrink wrap, I purchased this:

I can still recall my sister and I listening to this over and over and over again on our Fisher Price Record Player. I can still remember most of the words to Get Back Home and Run, Run, Run.

Now I just have to figure out how to get ahold of a Record Player as this is only available on vinyl.


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wesley's mom said...

Wow! I think you and my husband are siamese twins who were seperated at birth.You should compare collections sometime.

---I guess a woman who found great joy in getting not one but two sets of McDonalds dinnerware on E-bay doesn't really have much room to talk, huh?