Monday, April 28, 2008

What's In a Name?

I have been busy today combating laundry. I thought that I might win when during dinner our son, who hasn’t passed a “void” diaper in days, adorned his swing with such delights not fit to mention here. So giving up the battle for another day (I put THAT load in before ending the battle) I decided to post.

Now that it has been almost four months since that troubling and traumatic delivery of mine I have decided to unveil the twin’s names. Not that you all care, just that it will make posting about them so much easier on me.

Are you ready?

Trauma, so named for the traumatic events leading up to his birth, is really named Cooper Alexander Montgomery, that’s right folks, we gave them two middle names in the same fashion as my little brother. He isn’t named after any family members. He isn’t named after the eldest Manning. He isn’t named after anyone on the Simpson’s. He was almost named Indiana Jones, but I won the coin toss, so he wasn’t.

Trouble, so named for the troubling events leading up to her birth, is really named Bailey Elizabeth Avery, that’s right folks, she couldn’t be given only one middle name when her brother had two. She is named after my sister’s dog. No, she really isn’t. Her middle name is the same as my paternal grandmother’s but other than that we just wanted to test how long a name one could fit on a social security card. Her whole name fits because our last name isn’t very long. Coop’s second middle is Montgo on his card.

Ah, now isn’t that a load off.

-If you can guess my name, I will take you for a ride in my hover car, but you only get three guesses and if you are wrong, I get your first born.

So guess carefully.

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