Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Survive a Riot and Avoid Being Shot By a Police Officer

This appeared on the front page of my iGoogle this morning under my How To Of The Day. Very educational. Thought I should share as some of you may be involved in Riots more often then myself.

Survive a Riot - wikiHow

I also found helpful while visiting wiki's How To:

Avoid Being Shot By A Police Officer

I would have thought brandishing a weapon in front of the police when they are trying to arrest you would be a good thing. Shows what I know and how useful wikiHow really is.



wesley's mom said...

I love that at the bottom of the page it tells "How to Deal with Riot Control Agents"--I didn't click so I'm wondering--agents like tear gas, or agents like Scully and Moulder?

and that even though "keeping calm is hard" when being arrested you should try to do just that.

Pretty funny!

Ward and June said...

The whole thing is a pretty funny whether that is intended or not. You can also learn how to wear a mini-skirt, how to run up a wall and flip, calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs, and much, much more.

I am going to read them all and then I will be able to do everything. I am thinking of posting my own how to, like how to read wikiHow without laughing your butt off.


wesley's mom said...

Um, did my mom write the "How to wear a mini skirt" entry.

Because she KNOWS how to wear a mini skirt!!

Ward and June said...

Its amazing that I've never been shot by a police officer, seeing as how I've never read that before.


wesley's mom said...

It really is amazing, considering how many riots you have incited.