Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Begins April?

Happy April Fools Day!


wesley's mom said...

Is that in your front yard?

Ward and June said...

Actually, it is in the front of an old house that has been converted into a church, pretty creepy looking place.


wesley's mom said...

What kind of church? Are they trying to be clever? Do they want a congregation full of jokesters?

Ward and June said...

It's the church I've told you about in the past. The one with signs like:

"Heaven, it's not for everyone."


"It's better to be a funnel than a bucket."

I can't believe you don't remember, we started going a few weeks ago. Very nice place.


wesley's mom said...

So, are they a church for all of the Athiest who aren't going to heaven because they were funnels in this life with big holes that didn't allow them to retain anything?

Maybe you should investigate.