Friday, April 18, 2008

Crunch Time!

The X-man's Party is 3 p.m. Sunday. That leaves me with approximately 49 hours to get our house in shape, our laundry done, our Dyson put together and broken in, our deck furniture back on the deck (after the stain dries), our lawn mowed, a quick (as if that can even be done) trip to the grocery store and get food prepared.

So in 49 hours you would definitely think one could do all of these things but already this morning I have been on the phone a dozen times, looked up recipes on the Internet, emailed my sister-in-law for recipes, did tummy time with the twins, and lost myself in photo album filing and picture frame updating. And now writing a blog post.

At this rate I will get nothing really accomplished but I will have children whom recieve a good share of my attention (they are napping from all that high head holding this morning) and wonderfully chronicled photo albums and delicious sides for the party and that doesn't seem half bad to me.

BUT, I found myself actually thinking this morning, Now why did I go and fire those insufficient house cleaners?

I had to remind myself that they weren't that good and it's my responsibilty to clean and keep clean this big ole house. When I was a kid my grandparents used to shut off a great bit of their house in the winter so they didn't have to heat it. I am thinking that could be a solution. Close off rooms so I don't have to clean them. Could be a little perturbing to our guests on Sunday though.

Bathrooms? Oh, we've closed them down for spring so we don't have to clean them. Something to drink? Oh well we've closed the kitchen down for spring as well. And the laundry room too (not that anyone would need to go in there), it gets so dusty in there that we've just decided to go with the spit-up look. We think it's quite becoming, don't you!

If you think about it, it would be good for the environment. And just because I drive a Canyoneer doesn't mean I don't care about the environment. I mean I have energy star appliances and that has to count for something even if I don't own a Prius, right?

I probably really should get started...on something.



wesley's mom said...

I hope you are going to let X-man know someday about all of the deckstaining that went on so he could turn 1.

I hate that I always feel like I have to clean EVERYTHING when I am having a party. Even if it is a kid party and no adults will be staying.

As for the Prius. Barnharts have one, and I have to say IT ROCKS!! They are getting 75 miles to the gallon in town. I'm sure the mileage isn't as good on a long trip but it's still pretty good. I want one.

Ward and June said...

75 MPG would be very nice, but we're still holding out for our flying car.

As for the 'Event Cleaning' frenzy, I just think people need to accept the fact that we are two fairly lazy adults with two fairly helpless children, two fairly giant dogs, two fairly absent cats, and two thousand spiders. What do you people expect from us.


wesley's mom said...

WHY do you always have to drag the cats into everything!?!!

Ward and June said...

You think we only have 2,000 spiders.

You are an idiot.

We must have like 200,000.

By my calculations, anyways.

Ward and June said...

Most of those spiders are my friends. And the other ones mostly keep to themselves, in your shoes. Ha Ha Ha.


ps - she'll probably go around barefoot for a week now.

wesley's mom said...

What if she steps on a spider while she's running around without any shoes on? Huh? Did you even stop to think about that?

I didn't think so.