Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Am I Going Bald?

My hair is falling out.

Ward pointed it out and it is coming out by the handfulls.

I am afraid to go to sleep.

At this rate I might wake up bald.

And I mean the balding looks good on Ward, but I don't know about me.

I have those round cheeks and all.

My hair is also turning gray.

Those darn children.

I just know this is all their fault.



wesley's mom said...

It's because you just had babies. I always lost a TON of hair after I had a baby. You won't be bald.

The gray, well, sorry. Me too. I dye mine. Otherwise I'd be about 40%, I think.

Ward and June said...

One year when I was about nine I went as Rogue (Marvel, X-Men) to a Halloween party and everyone thought I was a skunk, despite my teel outfit and gloves, just because of the white streak in my hair. My friends weren't as dorky as I, going as a super hero.

Today, Ward says, "Soon you'll look like Rogue all the time."

He is really sweet.


Ward and June said...

My mom dies her hair. (snicker, snicker)