Thursday, April 24, 2008

I LOVE Spring!!

Today the twins and I went on a visit into my hometown to see a friend from high school's newly remodeled kitchen. They did all the work themselves and she has been dying for me to come and see it. It looked really good, better than I was expecting actually. They did all the work themselves, tearing out old cabinets, installing the new ones, staining the cabinets, coutnertops, tile backsplash.

Anyways. I have a tendency to start a post about one thing and talk about something else so now that that little tangent is over let me tell you what I thought about on the 45 minute drive. As if you really care.

First, I thought about going to Arizona later on this year and how in the world we are going to travel with little babies. When are we going to travel? How are we going to afford it thanks to constantly rising fuel and airline prices? But I still really want to do it. Any survival tips? I would love to hear 'em.

Secondy, I thought about how much I love this time of year. I love the weather. You know, that long sleeve t-shirt and shorts, get out the flip flops weather that we here in Virginia only see for a short time. Well, it is here and I love it. If the temperature outside would only stay 75 degrees I would be pleased. But it won't.

I love the smells. Yes, that right, the we finally cut our grass-flowers are in bloom smell. That quiz I took where I said Cookies were my favorite smell-I misspoke. The smell of cut grass is perhaps truly my favorite because this is my favorite season. Next to shopping season in the mid-fall/early-winter anyways.

I love that it's staying lighter outside later into the day. Last night when we put Trauma and Trouble to sleep it was still light out. I could have mowed the grass, but we watched 'There Will Be Blood' instead (*****). I love that when I got home from Romp N' Roll our neighbors, the only ones I like, were outside putting seed and straw down in one of our continued desperate attempts to grow grass on this horrible soil in the neighborhood. I like these neighbors and now that it is actually light out when they get home from work I can chat with them again in the evenings. We tend to be summer buddies.

I love that it's cookout season. I love having people over and with the deck addition we can now have more people over and maybe more often?

I was watching my friends son jump on their trampoline and I was thinking about all of the wonderful things to come in the years ahead with children. Her oldest son's T-Ball season starts up this Saturday. I look forward to all these things that will run me ragged.

And I drove home thinking about all the things that I want to do outside. Clean the garage. Plant grass seed and fertilize. Mow the grass again. Kill the wasps that are already accumulating. Wash the vehicles. Yes, I know we have small children (yes, i heard you whispering 'good luck with that' to your computer screen like i couldn't hear ya). Now, where did I put those carrier thingamajigs?

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Don't you agree?



wesley's mom said...

I love spring too. It's really short here, but it's great while it lasts.

Hoolie said...

Spring is great, but I must admit that I really cherish the change of season the most. Just when I'm getting tired of the hot summer, the cool fall rolls in. Spring is great coming off a blah winter. The buds and the flowers are gorgeous.

James said...

Travel now. We did more travel in Jameson's first 18 months than we've done at any other point in our lives. Maybe we got lucky or maybe it was the fact that we only had one baby, but at that age travel was far simpler than it would be now. If you're flexible on when and where (which we were) you can always find good deals on the internet.