Friday, April 4, 2008

Look's Like Rain To Me

Some twelve years ago I came upon this artist on a CMJ compilation with a witty little song called Sittin' Pretty (turns out Spanish frat boys love this song?). The song was funny and catchy. The artist was Brendan Benson.

Shortly after falling for this song I came upon Benson's album One Mississippi in a used record store's bin for $1. I bought it. I took it home. I fell in love with it.

Over the years I have known few people who knew who he was or liked him. Until recently. Turns out the power pop songwriter is stirring up quite the little fan base. Who knew? Not I. Maybe it's the Jack White connection. Maybe it's the iPod connection. Maybe it's the Supernatural connection. Maybe it's the fact that while poppy, it's good stuff.

I couldn't find much offered online to share with you, but give this a listen.

Hope you enjoy!



Chris and Erin said...

Hey we also picked up that CD for $1 a few years ago. I always hope that these potentially struggling artists don't ever go into used CD shops and find their CD selling for a buck.

Ward and June said...

Never has a better song been written about insects killing old ladies, wouldn't you agree?