Friday, April 25, 2008

june's School of Suggestions for Vehicle Manipulation

I want to be a good parent.

Being a good parent involves setting good examples for children to follow. Good examples like being patient with stupid people and their stupid actions.

I have a problem with this and that problem is best magnified by my severe road rage.

I don’t recall when it got so bad but other people (Ward and Tater) point out that I have a tendency to talk, often and not kindly, to people sharing the road with me. I contribute it to the fact that I am just rather unlucky, always following behind the person who doesn’t know where they are going or how to drive. And I also claim that I only talk to other drivers when other people are in the car with me, and this is true, when I am alone I make fun of these drivers in my head only.

Now, let me add that I do not scream and cuss at other drivers, that would be immature. I tell them where they should go (like into another lane) and give them advice (you had better not hit me). I am only trying to help see. Ward likes to point out that they can’t hear me so I should refrain but I have been doing it so long.

I am not saying that I am the best driver ever. That I certainly am not. I am the only person who I know who has been in a terrible accident. I am scared of being in an accident ever again. But I try to lean more towards being neither an offensive driver nor a defensive driver. I think being a daredevil driver or being too afraid behind the wheel can cause too many problems. I try to be the best driver I can be with the exception of my conversating with other drivers. What I truly wish is very selfish; I wish I could be the only driver on the road.

For several years between going to school and seeing a R.E. in another town, I was driving 800 miles or more a week. Maybe it’s from all that driving but I just feel that so often people drive too fast or too slow, either making me think they are irresponsible for driving too fast or getting on my nerves for help making me late. They put their turn signals on way too early or brake and turn at the last moment causing my groceries to end up in my lap.

The problem is I love to drive. When we go out, especially on road trips, I like to be behind the wheel for several reasons. The time goes by faster, I enjoy it, and I am a tad bit controlling and this way I get to control when and where we stop. I hate asking someone to stop so I can use the restroom.

Anyways, now that there are children in my vehicle whenever I go anywhere I need to tune down the Dr. Phil talk to other drivers. But it’s a bad habit to break. And I have so much advice to offer.

I am thinking of starting a driver safety course. Here is the video that I will be using in my 4:30 minute course.

I do condone driving while playing a musical instument. I'm sure it's safe.


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wesley's mom said...

Sullivan LOVES that song. I will have to show him your instructional video when he gets home.

My very favorite driving commenter is S.T. It is always while he is talking to me on his cell phone while he is driving, and he is NOT a great driver (who can forget Crash Week '98 when her had 3 accidents in one week?). So he will be chatting away to me, then suddenly he will shout "What are you lookin' at?!!" to some poor near miss he is "sharing" the road with.