Friday, April 11, 2008

Perhaps We Will Make It Yet

The Canyoneer is loaded with remarkably enough room left to stow six people, this is the first time that the vehicles massive size has actually come in handy. In seven weeks we are going on a Pennsylvania/Washington D.C. trip to tag along with Ward's family when they visit the East Coast. This trip is sort of prepping us for that longer possibly more hectic trip (the number of crazy people should be a little less though). And then a month after that we are going to the beach for a week and as long as we can get there in one piece it will be our least hectic trip yet. But I can't help thinking that we are crazy for planning so much in the twins first six months of life. We haven't really gone anywhere for the last two years as we've been recuperating from the cost of building a house and all those expensive treatments. At least when the children look back they will see that their family went places, at least when they were young. My family never travelled much.

The summer after my mother left my father took my brother, sister and I to Disney World. We drove down in an unairconditioned car under the hot August sun. The trip was almost cancelled several times due to finances but my father would not cancel it. We had been promised a trip to Disney for so long (and my dad loves to travel) that he felt we needed to go. What was originally going to be a three day trip at Disney had to be cut to one day. So a fourteen hour drive each way for one day at Disney. It was my birthday, the gates to the Magic Kingdom opened one minute after I turned 13 (according to my dad's memory that I was born at 8:59 a.m.). It was a wonderful day filled with fun and great memories (even the hot trip down was oddly fun, we had to get on the road really early each day to avoid driving during the hottest part of the day) in what was a difficult time in my life. It wasn't lost on me even at 13 the sacrifices my dad had made to see that we had our trip to Disney. The five of us never went on a family trip together unless you count my aunt's wedding when my little brother was four weeks old and I don't.

Even with all the headache that this short trip to Maryland is causing I hope that we continue to take trips together as a family for a very long time to come. Next year we're planning a trip to Disney, we figured we would go ahead and get that one out of the way so we can tell the kids when they are older and actually want to go to Disney "But you've already been."

I have to pack the old lappy so that all the wonderful details of this fine weekend can be recorded accurately and frequently so I will leave you with this clip for now.

If you don't love the Violent Femmes, you should. This is one of my favorite cuts by them. Remember that tape I made as a geeky teenager for the music hater? This was the first cut on that tape.

As always, Enjoy!


ps- I love 'American Music' but I think my all time favorite Violent Femmes song is 'I Held Her In My Arms'.


James said...

Good luck!

wesley's mom said...

Aren't you back yet? I am dying to hear about your trip!!

the_falcon81 said...

yeah... i finally registered to post my complaint that you haven't kept us up to date!

Ward and June said...

I am so sorry folks, as soon as I crawl out from all of the laundry and unpacking and finish the what will no doubt be 15 page summary, you all will have your post.