Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Destined to Underwhelm

We apologize that our trip to Frederick wasn't all the doom and gloom we built it up to be. I don't know if people were on their best behavior because it was such a large gathering or maybe they all feared being blogged about or maybe they aren't all that bad, that family of mine. For our sakes, I am relieved that it went so well even though I overpacked to the max. Sorry Tater and Lucy. Next time we will take less or rent a u-haul or something.

Our lives always seem crazier to me than they probably appear from the outside. We are trying to get a deck built and stained for X-man's birthday party in four days. We are trying to clean and declutter the house so that our things don't overrun us. We are trying to raise children who get us much time with us as possible which is difficult when there seems to be so much going on and so much that needs to be done.

And I desperately need to make it to the post office and the grocery store and yes, even Target but I am so overwhelmed because I can't push a cart and a stroller. Or maybe I can. I am just a little intimidated is all. Things used to be so easy. Now they are a little more complicated.

Today is Romp 'N Roll. Unfortunately, the twins have taken to napping during the typical class hours and I hate to wake them so that they'll be grouchy and frustrated but I don't want them to miss out. I want them to have all of these opportunities but sometimes I fear that I am rushing into things before they are ready because I am so excited about a future with children.

This afternoon's clip was brought to my attention by an old friend. The lady is Imogen Heap and some of you may be more familiar with her than I am but this is a really interesting clip in my opinion, so I figured I would share. The effects and the fact that this is live are really intriguing.



the_falcon81 said...

if i am that old friend you speak of i hope the music recomendation helps make up for me being a myspace jerk.

Ward and June said...

'tis you, old friend and you think that's all its going to take to make up for such unacceptable actions?