Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Are Still Here

We are currently working on a post about our weekend but we have so much to catch up on and some of us don’t work from home so it will probably be later today before we get anything up. Sorry for the delay especially since the weekend wasn’t nearly the train wreck it could have been.

I am in the midst now of unpacking and moving on to the next big event, the X-man’s first birthday party which is to take place here on Sunday. His parents are bringing the food and doing the decorating but I feel the need to clean out all the closets and wash every sheet we own before they come, you know all the important cleaning. I am still working on that long list of things to do in spring and I believe summer will be here before it’s completed, heck who am I kidding, the twins graduation from college may be here before the list is completed.

I also have a headache and Trouble has started throwing daily tantrums (which I thought didn’t start until much later) so I feel I really need a nap, again maybe when they are in college.

Today’s clip is a song that my dad played for me years ago and I have always just really liked it. Ward doesn’t particularly care for the song or the artist, Dan Bern, but I thought I would share nonetheless.


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