Monday, March 31, 2008

Ready to Romp n' Roll?

So I went to Romp N' Roll this morning to see about enrolling Trauma and Trouble. And guess what? They had an opening. And guess what else? I don't have to bring someone with me because the manager (who is also a licensed teacher) is going to help me with them. And guess what else? My neighbor owns the place.

No, not Hill-Billy. No, not Prairie Lady or Phil Vassar's Ex-Brother-in-law but the people on the other side of them, these people are so nice, so normal that I can't even come up with a clever name for them, if you can please, go ahead I would love your suggestions.

Anyways, I am talking to the manager about how I heard about this place and I tell her that my next door neighbor told me that our other neighbors go here, "The Blahs, there daughter Grace goes here I think?"

And then she says "The Blahs, they own the place."

Um, okay. Phil Vassar's Ex-Brother-In-Law's new wife, why didn't you tell me that piece of information? You told me what their electric bill was monthly. You told me that they are moving because of it. You told me who is building their new house in that equastrian neighborhood where they bought a lot. You told me that they are expecting in October. That they weren't even using protection. Anyways, you didn't tell me they owned the place.

Mr. Blah came in and told me everything that his wife had already but he didn't give me a discount. But I joined anyways. How could I not? Every week you get to play with a puppy named Rompy and blow bubbles with your baby.

All afternoon, all I can think about is this upcoming Wednesday and our first Romp N' Roll Gym Class and wonder 'Why didn't I think of that?'


So now I am now racking my brain for a good business idea that will make us millions, got any ideas? I promise to give you any credit for your ideas.



Rompyrog said...

We're all about nicknames for folks! Thanks for enrolling Trouble and Trauma at Romp n' Roll. As owner of the VA Center location, I can tell you that being good neighbours and productive members of our communities is very important to us. Discount or no, you'll certainly get your money's worth and as members, you'll get all the early bird discounts from here on out. Tell your owners (because they ARE your owners) RSQUARED says hello. I think you should call them Rompy and Rollie. As for running, it's kind of addictive, isn't it?

Rompyrog said...

Just looked at the date of the blog post. Boy am I behind!