Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whatever Happened to the Judybats?

Amongst some of my favorite artists from the 90s is The Judybats. I loved their albums Native Son and Pain Makes You Beautiful. My sister gave me Native Son a long time ago on cassette and today I was thinking about the song "Don't Drop the Baby" (and don't worry, I didn't, something else made me think of the song).

So I went to Rhapsody (my favorite place nowadays) to listen to the Judybats, but unfortunately they don't have any available to listen to.

It made me wonder, where do the good bands go? Whatever happened to the Judybats? Or The Stone Roses? I know what happened to Material Issue:(

I headed over to Amazon (okay, maybe this is really my favorite place), because I am currently on this kick to purchase old music that is regrettably missing from our c.d. collection. And do you know what I discovered? Native Son was rereleased on c.d. on February 26, 2008. That was two days ago.

I took it as a sign to buy the album.


Ward and June said...

I think you read too much into things, and you're always finding "A sign to buy" this or that. Have you ever come across a "Sign not to buy" something when you're wandering around Amazon. I bet you wouldn't even know what one of those looks like.

Pain Makes You Beautiful is a much better album. But WHAT do I know, I can't read the signs. It's like I'm married to a gypsy or something.


Ward and June said...

Pain Makes You Beautiful is a wonderful album as I mentioned in my post but
1.)It doesn't have the song 'Don't Drop the Baby' on it.
2.)We already own that on c.d. so I couldn't very well go buy it on amazon without being just plain crazy.

And there's nothing plain about my crazy!