Saturday, February 9, 2008


I like to be organized. I like to know what, when, and how I'm going to do something. I like to get things accomplished with the utmost efficiency. My wife likes PLANS.

To her, planning things is more important than doing things (at least it seems that way sometimes). Tonight she has been talking to me about plans:

Plans for a summer vacation, in 2009. Thats right, this years summer vacation has been planned for so long that it seems like we've already done it (I think it was fun). We're already planning a year and a half away.

Plans for her grandmother's birthday party. It is her 90th, and I do admit that it is a big deal.

Plans for her brother's High School Graduation. It's in June, and you know you can't wait too long to plan these things. Whose staying where? When is the ceremony? Will there be a party? It is actually very late in the game for her to just start planning this one, I hope everything works out.

Plans to meet my brother's family for part of their summer vacation. They're coming to the east coast this summer, and OH NO, their trip may overlap the previously mentioned graduation weekend. Whatever will we do? Don't worry, she can plan her way out of almost any predicament.

Plans for her sister's child's first birthday party. To be hosted by us of course, otherwise she wouldn't have any way to get involved with the planning process.

I think that is about all that she has been talking about tonight, but she has been a little distracted with a mass-mailing that she is working on. One of her other passions is bulk mail, but I'll save that for another blog. I've got to go and see what she has planned for me now.


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Ward and June said...

I do admit, I like bulk mailings, I try to have at least half of my plans involve mass-mailings.