Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sorry You're A Twin

When I was pregnant with the twins I read about how they were looking at each other in utero (yeah right) and that after birth they would gaze at each other with a look of familiarity (not ever).

Actually, I am completely under the impression that Trouble thinks she is an only child. She seems to think that I should be holding her ALL the time whether she is awake or not. If you place her beside her brother she smacks at him with her tightly closed fist (maybe to see if he’s really there or maybe in hopes that he’ll go away) even though I didn’t think they had control over their movements at this point. Trauma on the other hand keeps reminding me that he isn’t an only child by screaming every time Trouble is eating (he’s trying to double her weight by eating twice as much and twice as often, maybe so she’ll notice him).

One day soon she is going to notice him and realize that he is here to stay like it or not. She probably won't be very happy about it.

Poor thing.

I mean Trauma.


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