Monday, March 3, 2008

Formal at it's Finest

Our dining room on the evening of a recent Murder Mystery
(I didn't do it!)

Our dining room currently....

We aren't sure what we are supposed to use this room for so we being the grown children that we are use it for role playing and fantasy.


wesley's mom said...

Hey! I really like that painting in your fantasy room.

It's my husband's fantasy that I would allow him to set up a bunch of junk like that and not nag him about when he was going to get rid of it.

Ward and June said...

It's not an original but it does seem to match the room nicely.

Yeah, it was actually my idea to set it up in there until I realized that room's proximity to the front door. I imagine the looks I will get from solicitor's, actually maybe that's a good thing.

Solicitor: Do you want to buy my useless crap?
Me: Are you selling Heroscape?
S: No.
Me:Then obviously not.


Ward and June said...

You could probably make a fortune going door to door selling this stuff.
Honey, I think I may have to change career paths.


Ward and June said...

Can you believe what I'm ALLOWED to do in my own home?