Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why I Wish Gas Didn't Cost as Much as a Venti Latte

Yesterday, after we picked up our photos at Olan Mills (where they didn't even try to sell me shots I hadn't ordered) I decided that there wasn't enough time between our appointment at the portrait studio and our 1 pm playdate to go home. I had brought along the Nikon for the playdate so I decided to go on a little journey, to Appomattox which is only a little further than where our playdate was scheduled in Concord. I made it into a mini road trip. The babies got there nap.

Even if none of the shots I took were any good, and after viewing Timothy's photo site I really doubt they are, it was a lot of fun. To listen to music (I was far enough out to actually get the one and only decent radio station around here) and enjoy the open road. I thought about Jack Kerouac and how after reading that book all I wanted to do was go somewhere. That cross country trip to Mesa that we always discuss but never take.

I ventured down roads I had never even noticed and found ramshackled homes and out houses. When I was in high school me and a friend would take mini road trips whenever we got the chance. Back when gas was the price of a small Hardees cup of coffee.

I was a little wreckless in my fun, pulling over on the side of the highway to get a shot of Moore's Country Store and almost stopping to catch the people watching Highway 460. The radio played R.E.M., I rolled the windows down. I turned around to shoot another Super Mega Church and The Lee Grant Motel and Free Museum. It was more adventure than I had partaken in for quite some time. It was an engaging afternoon.

I was a little sad when it was time for the playdate.


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