Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prepared oh no OVER prepared

I am unpacking and listening to Alien Lanes.

I have been unpacking, doing laundry and cleaning since we got home Saturday afternoon. Almost half the length of our vacation. Why am I still unpacking? Because we rented a U-haul for our vacation, which came in very handy but was larger than we needed (5X8) so we brought along some other things 'just in case' we needed them. Here is some of what we brought along:

4 coolers
2 high chairs
2 pack 'n plays
1 pack size 1 diapers
1 pack 1-2 diapers
1 pack size 2 pampers
1 pack size 2 huggies
2 packs huggies swimmers
food for 124 people for 7 days (we only had 10)
12 beach towels
1 raft
1 volleyball
4 badminton rackets and multiple birdies (lost most of these)
1 Graco Douglider
1 double jogger
2 large suitcases of clothes (to change 13 times a day)
2 duffle bags of baby clothes
1 monitor
3 cases sunscreen from 30 spf to 60
bread, bread and more bread (most of which molded before the week ended)
1 jumparoo
1 exerciser
2 laptops (which we NEVER even used ONCE)
1 giant frisbee thingy
1 frisbee regular
1 large beach blanket
1 large beach towel blanket
4 baby blankets
1 laundry basket
1 thing detergent, fabric softener but NO stain remover (BIG, BIG mistake)
paper cups x160
paper plates x500
paper napkins x12 rolls
toilet paper x30
every kind of ziploc item Target carries
Tupperware for storage
waffle maker
cheese grater
mixer minus the beaters (???)
cereal x8 boxes, 7 never even opened
burp clothes
changing table assembly for one pack 'n play
32 jars of baby food
2 Sam's cases of formula
16 bottles
100 liners
20 nipples
1 small tube of patience (gone by day 2)
1 beach umbrella
2 beach chairs
5 cases cherry coke (I ran out because everyone likes cherry coke apparently)

So you get the point. Next year were not going to the beach we are going to Disney Land so the following year I will have forgotten how much of this stuff was unnecessary and I will bring way too much again.

-the crazy lady who likes to go on vacation but then does nothing but complain about it the whole time she is there and then for two weeks after she gets back before she miraculously forgets it was stressful and starts planning the next vacation


the_falcon81 said...

I would KILL for a loaf of bread right about now....

Ward and June said...

Could I mail you some? If it would save someone's life I would be glad to.

wesley's mom said...

1.Are you bringing a u-haul to disneyland or chartering a jet?

2.What the heck is a douglider?

3.I don't think my kids ate 32 jars of baby food EVER. Combined.

Ward and June said...

Probably just chartering a jet though we have discussed the crazy possibility of driving there from here (not really going to happen this decade). We are considering a few options to get car seats out there however and don't have a really good plan and with airline prices increasing...

The duoglider is our tandem stroller for the twins that hold their car seats. It is made by Graco and seems rather cheap.

Our kids love the baby food in jars, seriously. We have only done veggies thus far but they love em. Espcially the yellow and orange stuff. They eat a ton of it and Bailey is quickly getting the chunky thighs. I am thinking or making my own baby food I just don't know how and haven't made that leap yet.

Ward and June said...

I've been wondering about that Doug Lider guy too.


James said...

Welcome back and... holy hell that's a lot of stuff.

Hopefully you are at least enjoying Alien Lanes!

Ward and June said...

I hadn't listened to Alien Lanes in a long time until you recommended it for our trip and now I revisiting it often. Thanks for the suggestions.