Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Never Said I Wasn't Crazy

Yesterday, my sister and the X-man came over for a vist, a Playdate if you will. I made a healthy lunch (Frozen Pizza and Cookies) and the kids took toys from one another.

At one point my sister went into our pantry (which is a walk-in pantry) and she said Why do you have so many different kinds of salad dressing? Do you eat a lot of salad?

No, they were on sale.

Then she scoffed at me.

Later, we were talking about formula. I told her that I was mixing my left over free samples of formula with me regular formula. Because I am cheap.

I don't think your cheap she said.

And she scoffed at me AGAIN!

Then I turned the can to her and showed her that my 3 lb. 3 oz container was in fact Member's Mark and cost only 19.86 a can. A far improvement as I had been spending almost $25 on a 26 oz can of Enfamil before I took the advice of experienced mothers in the know.

So this morning I was looking through the pantry and I noticed all of those salad dressings, Ranch, Thousand Island, French, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Zesty Italien, and more Ranch. And I thought to myself. Self, why do you have all of those dressings, you don't even like French and you have never had Thousand Island.

And do you know what I said to myself. I said, because you are crazy... and obsessive.

Well that's June for you.


wesley's mom said...

I am cheap and crazy too.

You never know when someone will come over and want some Thousand Island, then who will be crazy?

You'll be PREPARED.

Ward and June said...

So I will be cheap, crazy and prepared. I can live with that.

James said...

This must mean you still haven't read my book suggestion: It's All too Much

Think of it this way... your house costs so many dollars per month in terms of mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc. That means you can figure out how much your house costs per square foot (or inches or anything else for that matter). That dressing is taking up your space. Space that you're paying for. I'm sure you got a good deal on the dressing, but I'm guessing that pretty soon that dressing is going to owe you more in rent than it saved you in condiment expenses.

If I'm ever over for dinner, I'll be sure to ask for the Thousand Island.

Ward and June said...

I did that math.

Each square foot of our home costs us $0.55 per month. To be fair though, the panty is shelved and if that cost is dispersed over the six shelves that stack over that same square foot then the cost for pantry shelf space is one sixth of that: .09 per square foot.

That salad dressing uses about six square inches. There are 144 square inches in a square foot (I know, I'm dumbing this down to the lowest common denominator. Bear with me.) so each salad dressing bottle costs us $0.00375 for storage, per month.

That's 4.5 cents per year. If we don't use it in the next five years then saving 20 cents a bottle was not a good deal.

But then we have to start figuring in infalation.

How long is that stuff good for anyway?


Does anyone want some salad.

Ward and June said...

Just so that last comment is not misconstrued, I do wish my wife would stop buying so much crap.


wesley's mom said...

You're always showing off with your stupid math skills. Sheesh!

If you factor in the cost of gas, not having to go to the store for thousand island makes that dressing free. You should be thanking your wife for thinking ahead like that!

James said...

Dang it, Ward, I thought I had an airtight argument.

OK, well let me put it this way, that's lost space that could have gone to Cherry Coke.

Ward and June said...

Now that is a GOOD point.


Ward and June said...

And just in case your curious, I saved way more than .20 cents a bottle. I got them for $1.39 off a bottle. And I got 7 bottles. That's like 2 cases of Cherry Coke, so sale of course.