Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Mourning Mutt

We have two dogs. Our springer spaniel, Jake, was our second dog. We got him when he was nine weeks old, still living with his brother and sister. He came straight to our home where he met Max and the two have been inseperable ever since.

Jake has long hair, if we let it grow. We used to get him trimmed every couple of months but with the twins it is hard for me to take the dogs anywhere. The last time they were trimmed was when the twins were two weeks old and Ward took them to Petsmart on a Saturday. Well it has finally gotten so bad (I have to vaccuum constantly to keep up with the shedding) that I called and made another Saturday appointment for them to get groomed. All they needed was up to date shot records which Jake has but Max didn't. So I made their grooming appointment for next Saturday and called the vet and somehow managed a Saturday morning appointment for his shots.

So this morning Ward and Max left to get shots and ever since Jake has been moping around following me everywhere, whining constantly and trying to go outside. While the twins were napping I tried starightening up the house and twice I had to take garbage to the garage, both times Jake went running outside to look for Max. But he would come right back in like he was afraid to take his eyes off of me or I would leave him too. It is soooo pitiful.

We got Jake for Max, so that he wouldn't be lonely. And they are two peas in a pod. I used to joke that when Max is ten we need to get another dog because I am scared that the bond between Max and Jake is so strong that if something happened to one the other would be deeply depressed. After this morning I don't think that is such a crazy idea. It is breaking my heart. I keep telling him that they'll be back soon, but I know he doesn't understand.

I tried to tell him he really needs a cut, but I don't think he understands that either.

I don't dare tell him that next week he is going to have all of his hair shaved off. He hates to be groomed. But at least Max will be with you for that adventure old boy.


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